Onken reduces plastic packaging in Natural Set 1kg Pots

We're excited to announce a 24% plastic reduction to Natural Set 1kg with a brand new look but the same delicious yogurt!

Here at Onken, we have been working hard to reduce the plastic used in our products and we are pleased to announce that we have removed 24% of excess plastic from the Natural Set 1kg pots.


The original pot included a large lip that hung over some of the base of the pot, which was identified as not an essential piece of the pot after stability testing.


Our Natural Set 1kg pots were a heritage design and so in partnership with our factory and the pot supplier we wanted to explore what could be done to make the pot sustainable and better for the environment.


We have ensured that the pot is made with the highest grade Polypropylene plastic and is 100% recyclable. The recycling of the lid works even better when it is placed back on the pot to be thrown out so that the weight of the pot helps carry it properly down the recycling line.


We are proud that our current pots were recently featured as a gold standard in the yogurt market, made with a Polyproplene cup, PET lid, and aluminium foil that are all recyclable. But we are constantly looking at how we can improve our packaging to reduce plastic, make it more sustainable, and environmentally-friendly.


“We’re delighted to be able to reduce the plastic used in our Natural Set packaging, which will represent over 13 tonnes of plastic every year” said Stefanie Callimanis, UK Brand Manager at Onken. “The delicious Onken yogurt inside and the serving is still the same, it’s just the way the packaging is made that’s changed.”


Onken Natural Set is very popular thanks to the traditional way it is made, making it perfect for cooking and baking. It is available in all major supermarkets.

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