Marvin Humes launches search for ‘legen-dairy’ family recipes

Onken has partnered with Marvin Humes to find the most legendary recipes using Onken Natural Set.
  • 47% of Brits have a family recipe passed down over generations
  • 40% of us fear it could be lost in the mists of time
  • 32% don’t have one but would like to create one
  • Marvin Humes launches Family Recipe Day, 16th May to encourage people to hand down and hone their family recipes. More at

From tikka masala to stroganoff, moussaka to fajitas, lassi to loaf cake, many British families have favourite ‘family recipes’ passed down, practiced or triumphantly pulled together from what’s left in the fridge. Over the last 12 months, many of us have had more time to spend in the kitchen experimenting with new recipe ideas too, with 81% saying they have spent more time scratch cooking.


New research revealed today by Onken Natural Set yogurt shows that 47% of us have a recipe passed down the generations that is important to our family – whether it reflects our lives, culture or is just a really great recipe riff on an old classic. And 32% of Brits say they don’t have one but wish they did.


Family Recipe Day launched for 16th May 2021

On average, people have two recipes they’d love to perfect, learning the recipe from, say, a parent or grandparent. 47% also think they make or bake a recipe brilliantly, which they’d love to hand down to their own family. The majority of these recipes – 60% – are savoury. With this in mind, Onken Natural Set yogurt is hosting Family Recipe Day on Sunday 16th May 2021, promoted by the singer, DJ, TV presenter and radio host Marvin Humes, who is also husband to Rochelle Humes and dad to two daughters and a son.


Marvin is today (22nd April 2021) launching the campaign, which will look for the UK to share its ‘legen-dairy’ family recipes or create a new one. One lucky winner will get a Zoom cook-along with Marvin to learn to cook Tikka Masala Skewers – a new take on one of his favourite recipes.


Marvin says, “When you get the chance to cook or bake and eat together, it’s always about more than just food. I remember cooking and baking with my mum and dad, my dad was also a chef so we cooked a lot. I’d like to pass that feeling to my kids, whether it’s through one of my favourite recipes or a new one we create together.”


What else did the research find about Family Recipes?

Of course, family recipes can be secretive things, with 40% saying they fear their favourite one could be lost in the mists of time if they don’t get the chance learn them. It’s also never as simple as merely following instructions. Family recipes rely on tried and tested techniques and secret ingredients, with 24% of people saying they substitute a traditional ingredient, 41% adding something extra, like yogurt or a savoury sauce and 44% requiring certain equipment to make it.


But one thing’s for sure, family recipes help people feel good, with 47% saying they make them feel connected to their family, 29% making them feel connected to their culture and 34% saying handing down a recipe is like handing down an heirloom. And passing them on doesn’t mean they’re passé: 44% of people believe each generation should update the recipe for the better.


How can people get involved?

So Onken Natural Set is calling on brothers and sisters, aunties and nephews, parents, carers and kids, grandparents and grandkids, family you chose for yourself: share your ‘legen-dairy’ Family Recipe. Maybe there’s one you want to hand down or hone, master or modify? Or perhaps you want to come up with a completely new one?


However, you want to join in, share your recipe by 16th May 2021 using #OnkenLegendairy on Facebook or Instagram and you could win a virtual cook-along with Marvin Humes and a place in a digital Family Recipe cookbook. Find out more – and see terms and conditions.

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